A Game Changer

Flexitallic invented the spiral wound gasket in 1912, there was nothing like it. 100 years later, They introduced the Change gasket-an incredibly resilient metal-wound gasket that’s designed to deliver the most dynamic seal ever. Today there are thousands of Change gaskets in service. Change is manufactured with proprietary equipment, using a 5 X thicker metal spiral and a unique laser welding process that penetrates completely through the winding so it requires no inner or outer ring. Best of all, it’s proven to perform without fail at least 60% longer than any other gaskets, CGI Spiral Wound, Double Jacketed, CMG, or Kammprofile.

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Thermiculite, a Breakthrough in Both Heat and Chemical Resistance

A breakthrough in both heat and chemical resistance, Thermiculite Critical Service materials are rated for temperatures up to 1800ºF and have passed the API 607 fire test.

Conventional graphite gaskets are susceptible to attack by oxidizing agents. This occurs from oxygen flowing through pipes, or simply from oxygen present in the atmosphere surrounding the flange. The rate at which graphite oxidizes depends on the application temperature and the concentration of oxygen present. But when it does happen – the end result is seal failure.

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How It’s Made – Part 1: Hydraulic punch presses and steel rule dies

At Dooley Gasket we use a variety of fabrication methods to make your parts. The reason we have several types of equipment all for the same purpose of cutting flat gaskets depends on the machine capabilities, material properties, and order requirements. Below you’ll find a quick overview of the equipment we use to cut your parts.

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Welcome to Our New Website

Dooley Gasket & Seal Inc is proud to introduce its newly redesigned website. Following the feedback from our customers we have decided to give our website a brand new look. Our new website has a fresh appearance and is easier to navigate. We know that our customers prefer simplicity which is why our website is still very simple and clean with more user-friendly features. We have created new menu items which allow you to find any information you need about our company, products and services.

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