A Game Changer

Flexitallic invented the spiral wound gasket in 1912, there was nothing like it. 100 years later, They introduced the Change gasket-an incredibly resilient metal-wound gasket that’s designed to deliver the most dynamic seal ever. Today there are thousands of Change gaskets in service. Change is manufactured with proprietary equipment, using a 5 X thicker metal spiral and a unique laser welding process that penetrates completely through the winding so it requires no inner or outer ring. Best of all, it’s proven to perform without fail at least 60% longer than any other gaskets, CGI Spiral Wound, Double Jacketed, CMG, or Kammprofile.

Thermal cycle test

Across a 24-day, 24-cycle pressure vs thermal cycle test at 608°F (302º C ) replicating industry application conditions, the Change gasket lost just 1.5 PSI. total, never coming close to the failure point.

  • 4” Class 300, RF, B16 studs •
  • Thermal Cycle Phase – Purge and Heat up to 608°F (302°C) at 3.5°F/min
  • Pressurize to 480 psi
  • Hold 1 hr
  • Unassisted Cooling to Ambient
  • Repeat 24 times unless gross failure occurs – Approximately 24 hours per cycle •
  • Record pressure drop every cycle •
  • Max allowable P drop: 14.5 psi

Change Gasket Summary

  • Construction is more robust than a Spiral and Kammprofile
  • Compression is more consistent than a Spiral and Kammprofile
  • Creep is VERY low
  • Recovery is VERY high
  • Seals with exceptional tightness, especially thermal cycles
  • Crush resistant; no inner ring/compression stop required
  • Fits most – if not all – flange arrangements •
  • Available in all industrial metals