How It’s Made – Part 3: Waterjet

At Dooley Gasket we use a variety of fabrication methods to make your parts. The reason we have several types of equipment all for the same purpose of cutting flat gaskets depends on the machine capabilities, material properties, and order requirements.

Hydraulic presses and flashcutters are great because they’re simple low maintenance machine, but they can only cut soft thin materials. We use our waterjet if you material is too hard or too thick to cut with any other method. Also, because the waterjet cutting with a very fine stream of water it is capable of cutting much more complex geometry parts while holding a tighter tolerance.

Our waterjet uses water at 60,000 psi mixed with garnet sand to erode away material. We have cut stone and steel up to 2 inches thick on our machine, but it is also capable of cutting small parts from very thin materials. This versatility allows the waterjet to fabricate any parts beyond the limitations of the punch press or flashcutter.